Qualifications & Certificates

Our many years of experience offer the best starting point for the development of plants, taking into account the complex aspects of technical regulations and occupational safety. We are always pleased to put our performance at the service of our customers, because that is what makes the concept of service. In cooperation with our partners, we can provide support for a wide range of issues or cover entire topics.

CE Certification
As a CE documentation authorized representative, we provide the following services:
  • Support in the preparation of a risk assessment
  • Preparation of a documentation template
  • Support in the preparation of product-specific declarations of conformity
Occupational Safety Specialist
Occupational safety requires many cooperation partners to succeed:
The entrepreneur, the employees, the clients, ...
Rolf Thies is a trained "FASi" and can look after member companies of the VBG. Other professional associations can be added in consultation.
Welding Engineer
Welded constructions are only as good as their weakest element. In most cases, this is the HAZ of the weld seam. Due to extensive experience, we can accompany the welding production and testing.
PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
The correct classification of pressure equipment is the basis for design. TBA Thies GmbH has extensive experience in the construction of pressure equipment made of a wide range of materials. This enables us to provide support from the design to the acceptance of pressure vessels or piping systems.


Federal Water Act

Specialized plants for production, threatment, and use of chemicals

PED 2014/68/EU

Manufacturer of pressurized equipment according to code PED-3-1/2238/23

AD 2000-HP0

Manufacturer of pressurized equipment according to code AD2000-HP0/2238/23

DIN EN ISO 3834 Teil 3

Specialized for welding steel according to code ISO3834/2238/23

EN 1090-1 bis EXC2

Manufacturer of steel structures up to EXC2 according to code \nEN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011