Recent Projects

Plant Engineering and Construction

Engineering is a broad field and includes all areas of steel construction, pipe installation with the associated pumping and instrumentation technology as well as the measurement and control technology. Large tanks and vessels are procured from long-term partners; smaller ones are built by TBA Thies itself.
Realized projects:
  • Several stainless and carbon steel piping systems for diverse plants as well as biogas plants
  • Pressurized air supply and filter cabinets for the blasting halls of the FSG Flensburg (dockyard)
  • Duplex-piping spools at the well heads for the Egyptian company RWE Dea Nile Branch
  • Different modifications at the petrol plants of Airbus for K√∂ster GmbH

Containerized and Skid Mounted Plants

Compact systems provide limited facilities or parts of larger plants. They represent the whole spectrum of plant engineering and construction. All the necessary components such as vessels, pumps, instrumentation and process controls may be included.
Realized projects:
  • Gas pressure reduction package for the natural gas caverns Jemgum of WINGAS GmbH
  • Condensate pump package for the pipeline feeding system of RWE Dea Nile Branch
  • Air and nitrogen package for generation of compressed air, instrument air and nitrogen of RWE Dea Nile Branch

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical injection packages are used for many applications of the (petro-)chemical and process industries. They dose chemicals at certain process steps which are important for the process progress. The aim is for environmental and economic reasons, to supply these chemicals sparingly and selectively.
Realized projects:
  • 151 mobile chemical injection packages for Wintershall Libya
  • 4 stationary skid mounted chemical injection packages for Wintershall Libya
  • 2 stationary skid mounted chemical injection packages for Wintershall Barnstorf

Mobile Units

Due to the requirement for mobility, mobile plants are usually very small units specifically designed for the towing or lifting vehicle. They contain all necessary components to form a completely self-sufficient system, i.e. by combining a storage tank with the corresponding pump units, the piping and the necessary EMSR technology.